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News :: 08/20/2020

Infrared Sources ensure patient's safety through CO2 monitoring

Nurse checking on a capnography ventilator

Axetris, Infrared Sources, Capnography, Anesthesia Monitoring, Medical

During the initial COVID-19 wave Axetris has experienced a significant increase in orders for Infrared Sources of the EMIRS200 and EMIRS50 product family. We have been putting 100 % effort in providing these components for capnography and related applications. Thanks to the trust of our existing and new customers, we were able to consolidate our market position in the medical segment and prove that our EMIRS technology is the first choice for breath gas analysis devices.

Capnography is a non-invasive method that measures the concentration of carbon dioxide during expiration (EtCO₂). Initially used in hospital surveillance and emergency care, capnography is rapidly becoming popular in medical practices and homecare medicine. The trend to miniaturize such modules emphasizes the advantages of the Axetris MEMS-based broadband infrared (IR) sources for NDIR gas detection. Axetris offers solutions by providing a portfolio of IR Sources with adapted reflectors and optionally mounted optical windows. Axetris' newly released qualified EMIRS50 is made for compact NDIR sensor solutions, specifically for high-quality capnography monitoring. Read our application note on capnography.

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