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News :: 10/21/2020

Portable methane leak detection with the new LGD Compact

Drone with LGD Compact searching for gas leaks

Axetris, Laser Gas Detection

As the number of natural gas and biogas plants increase worldwide, the detection of fugitive methane – a major component of natural gas and biogas – is becoming increasingly important. The demand for portable devices is now on the rise for methane leak detection application and the new LGD Compact from Axetris has proven to be the perfect solution.

Natural gas and biogas belong to the most important fuel types in today`s world economy. A safe distribution of these fuels through long-range gas pipelines, as well as through city gas distribution networks, is essential. Methane emissions from gas pipelines pose a major safety hazard as well as a serious challenge for climate protection due to the greenhouse effect, which is more patent than CO. Unfortunately, many of these distribution networks are old, prone to leaks and sometimes very difficult to reach with conventional means of transport. Therefore, portable and unmanned leak detection is becoming increasingly important.

Read the whole Application Note.

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