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News :: 10/01/2020

Superfast delivery of your mass flow controller sample

Illustration showing fast delivery of engineering samples by Axetris

Axetris, Mass Flow Devices

Axetris stands for high-quality production. This may sound time consuming, but well-rehearsed processes allow us to react to dynamic schedules. For basic mass flow controller samples, we offer same week delivery.

Standard production lead times

Expected delivery times for standard Axetris mass flow products are generally four weeks, in exceptional cases up to six weeks. The lead times allows Axetris to manufacture mass flow controllers with the expected quality in our Switzerland clean rooms. Using real gas calibrations, we ensure the performance is well within our specifications before shipping out any mass flow controller.


Evaluation sample lead times

During steady production or ramp-up, standard lead times generally pose few issues to our customers. However, we know that when customers are in a proof of concept or prototype stage, activities can be very dynamic and project designs often change at an instance. This is when Axetris must react fast to help customers stay on schedule.


"Fast lead times allows the customer to quickly integrate and approve the Axetris products for quality." YC Chou, Sales Engineer, Axetris USA


This rings true especially for customized or modified standard products, where proof of concept must be established through an initial technical evaluation. Since this stage requires a low volume of devices for testing, our goal is to achieve extremely fast lead times for such devices so customers can judge our technology as fast as possible. Below are two common examples.


  1. Prototype solutions/manifolds that are custom for OEM's:
    As an OEM specialist, Axetris can offer over a
    million MFC variants/manifold types that are custom-made according to exact customer requirements, including real gas calibration to achieve the highest accuracy performance. Low quantity prototype samples for evaluation typically can be delivered within 3 weeks. Depending on the complexity of customization, we have had prototype custom units delivered within 2 weeks.


  2. Standards or basic modified standards:
    Axetris maintains a number of standard calibrations on stock. This allows for same week delivery to customers for quick testing of our standard product. This also includes modified standards where gas calibration is the same, but hardware interfaces, such as fittings and threads, may be changed.


Contact us

Our sales representatives will be happy to assist you and evaluate the lead time for your order: sales@axetris.com


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