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Petra Staiger

Manager Integration Group and Project Leader, Axetris AG

“We deliberately set ourselves high but realistic objectives. I appreciate this aspect of my work.”

The fact that Petra Staiger is comfortable in a high-tech environment, as is the case at Axetris, is no surprise. She became interested in technology at an early age and learned everything she could about it from the bottom up. Throughout her galvanizing apprenticeship, her study of material science and surface technology, as well as the various stages of her engineering career, she has developed a solid technical foundation on which she can continue to build.

In October 2015, she took over the project management for the Micro Optics division at Axetris AG. She plans a project from beginning to end, organizes the relevant meetings, and keeps an eye on the various production steps and above all, the timeline. She managed around 40 projects in 2016 alone, finishing the desired prototype in just 6–12 weeks.

She has also been the Integration Group (ITG) manager since June 2016. There she heads a team of 10, which supports production in the clean room with system and process issues. She and her team are the contacts who ensure that everything runs smoothly. “We are moving in a rapidly growing market. We are facing it with a lot of motivation and a thirst for innovation.”

Petra Staiger is also very active outside of work. Weather permitting, she can be found on her motorcycle or at her garden plot.

Sanket Bhatia

Business Line Manager - Mass Flow Devices, Axetris AG

My role here offers the ideal opportunity to combine my engineering experience with sales and commercial responsibilities.” 

Sanket Bhatia has acquired several years' experience in both India and Germany, which he is now able to call upon as part of his role at Axetris. In the past he has worked in a variety of sectors, including the automobile, construction materials, and metal industries. He has also held various positions in the fields of sales, marketing, and corporate strategy, with his primary areas of interest centering around market and business development. With regard to his role at Axetris, he values the exceptionally high product standards in terms of both quality and the technology in use, which means he has total confidence in the entire range. What's more, the opportunity to share and exchange professional expertise within the team is something he particularly enjoys.


At Axetris, Sanket is responsible for a number of functions. Besides management of the mass flow business line, which includes worldwide sales responsibility and team management for that business, he is also responsible for sales operations and marketing functions across all of the Axetris business lines. In this regard, Sanket particularly enjoys strategic planning and implementation of initiatives, and draws satisfaction from being able to contribute to the company’s success.


What he likes about Axetris are the opportunities available for implementing new ideas within the growing company: “There is still so much more for us to achieve and I would love the opportunity to be involved in any further developments!”. He also appreciates the level of freedom he is afforded by both the company and his individual position. The markets for our products are dynamic and offer extensive opportunities, yet they are not without their challenges.


A keen astronomer, Sanket enjoys spending free time with his family and loves the great outdoors.

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