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LGD Compact-A–Coming 2020

The new LGD Compact-A is a familiy of compact ambient modules. Thanks to its optical multi-path design, it is delivering a significantly improved measuring performance. These sensors are well suited for the field of portable leak detection, continuous gas monitoring as well as medical applications.

The compact design of the LGD Compact-A allows the integration into portable instruments. It is equipped with an optical multi-path system, which provides high measuring performance in terms of detectivity and precision. Thanks to low-power consumption, it is best suited for battery-powered operation.



- Size: designed for portable instruments
- Performance: lower detection limits, measuring speed, dual-range and dual-gas measurement capabilities


Our Strengths:

- Laser Spectroscopy (TDLS) based
- High Selectivity and Precision
- Ambient Gas Measurement


Please consult the data sheet in the downloads section for detailed product specifications.

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