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News :: 12/11/2018

Axetris 20 Years of Experience in Micro-Technology

Axetris, Micro Optics, Infrared Sources, Mass Flow Devices

Axetris, a company of the Leister Group, located in the heart of Switzerland, is celebrating 20 years of experience in micro-optics and gas sensing solutions. The company has been continuously growing over the last 20 years and reached important milestones with its products.

In 1998, Axetris started out as a division of its parent company Leister, with the acquisition of a Swiss startup. The following year, the Leister Group invested in building a MEMS foundry for micro-optical components in Central Switzerland. Soon, Axetris became a successful supplier of micro-optical elements to world-leading manufacturers of optical components in the telecommunications industry.

Over the past 20 years, Axetris has grown to five business lines, serving customers worldwide with micro-optical elements, infrared sources, mass flow meters and controllers, laser gas detection modules, and MEMS manufacturing services.


Axetris’ own MEMS foundry and a worldwide network

Today, Axetris products are used by OEMs in cutting-edge products in industries ranging from telecommunication, medical, automotive, environmental, and analytical. The Axetris 200mm wafer MEMS foundry comprises of over 1,000 m2 of cleanroom manufacturing space, as well as, a large opto-electronic sensor assembly and calibration facility. Axetris maintains its own network of highly-competent sales and application experts across three continents and five countries.


Axetris as a reliable partner

“Our aim is to provide immediate and competent support to our OEM customers worldwide, starting right from the first contact with Axetris up to product design support, volume production and after sales service. We can only achieve our vision incorporated in the phrase ‘to get there. together.’ with today’s interdisciplinary team of highly-motivated employees at Axetris. Their motivation and pursuit of excellence is the only reason that we have achieved a position of trust with our customers, all world-leading companies in their fields,” says Thomas Hessler, General Manager at Axetris.


Milestones in micro-technology

Axetris products have been celebrated for reaching considerable milestones in the last 20 years. The products have contributed to the industry in a variety of ways, for example:


Growth and partnership

Axetris completes its 20 years of existence with the plan to rapidly expand by being a trusted partner in focused industry niches. Investments in infrastructure – expanding manufacturing production capacity (Press Release here) – are currently being undertaken.

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