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News :: 03/27/2020

Axetris puts all efforts into product deliveries that help against COVID-19

Axetris, Micro Optics, Infrared Sources, Mass Flow Devices, Laser Gas Detection

In these difficult times, Axetris is making all efforts to ensure the delivery of our products to our OEM customers worldwide. Our customers, in turn, are giving their best to supply urgently required medical devices for hospitals.

Our OEM components are used in a variety of applications, which are currently contributing to the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic:

- Axetris infrared sources in EtCO2 modules used in capnographs/emergency ventilators

- Axetris mass flow devices in analytical instruments being used by medical labs worldwide

All of the above is of course only possible by working closely with our customers' supply chains, working closely with our suppliers, and ensuring that all Axetris employees remain healthy and safe from the pandemic wave. We have undertaken all required measures to continue to serve our customers and our fellow citizens in these difficult times.

Read also the COVID-19 update from Axetris.

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