Refractive Optical Elements
  • FCA Microlenses

    Fiber Coupling Arrays are used for high-efficient coupling/-collimating of light into/out of an array of Waveguides or Singlemode Fibers
    Refractive Optical Elements MOE-FCA
  • LDC Microlenses

    Our Laser Diode Collimation lenses collimate the light of high NA lasers for further coupling into Waveguides or SM Fibers
    Laser Diode Collimation 500
  • SAC Microlenses

    Slow Axis Collimation lens arrays are used in diode arrays for solid state laser pumping and effectively collimate the so called “slow” a...
    Slow Axis Collimator Microlenses 500
  • Shack-Hartmann Lens Arrays

    Shack Hartmann lens arrays are integral part of wavefront sensors are optimized for high F-numbers
    Shack-Hartmann Lens Arrays
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