We are Axetris

Axetris is a leader in the development and manufacture of components for measuring and controlling gases and of micro-technologies for concentrating and light guiding. We make a valuable contribution to technological progress and the sustainable protection of people and the environment.

Since founded in 1998, we have focused on micro-optics and gas sensors. Well-founded application knowledge, leading technological competence, consistently high product quality and first-class customer support is what sets us apart as a reliable business partner of global renown.

Measuring gases

Most gases are not visible to the human eye. And yet they surround us constantly and everywhere. Tunable diode laser spectroscopy (TDLS) can be used to determine, quantify, and control minute amounts of gases. Whether for the safety of living creatures, the monitoring of emissions or for the optimization of processes.


Axetris has perfected this technology and offers its clientele unique solutions for stationary and mobile applications. For example, Axetris’ compact and lightweight gas sensor solutions enable the airborne use of drones to monitor biogas plants or maritime emissions from cargo ships.

A large number of gases absorb infrared heating by intramolecular vibrations. For each specific gas, the absorption strength depends on the wavelength of the infrared radiation. As a manufacturer of robust and broadband infrared sources, Axetris also supplies components for applications in other technology areas such as non-dispersive infrared gas analysis (NDIR).

Guiding light

Axetris is a leading manufacturer of refractive and diffractive optical elements. Our products are key components in digital communication, process control, 3D object recognition, LiDAR and projection of complex structures and information.

Flexibility, expertise and reliability are important success factors. Expert advice to customers from the initial idea up to industrialization is therefore a priority for us and a cornerstone of our success.

Our production infrastructure for wafer and MEMS manufacturing enables us to respond flexibly to customer needs. We rely exclusively on high-quality materials. In addition to the traditional manufacturing processes, we also offer individual microfabrication and MEMS processes at wafer level. This makes it possible to add functions for assembly and integration or as post-processing on customer CMOS wafers.


Axetris was founded in 1998 as the Microtechnology Division of Leister AG. Thanks to great industrial experience, a lot of pioneering spirit and heart and soul, Axetris is today the market leader in micro-optics and gas sensor technology.


  • Start of Axetris' business activities with the business activities gas sensor technology and micro optics


  • Axetris receives a cleanroom in the Kaegiswil building


  • Acquisition of "IR Microsystems SA" to expand Axetris’ product portfolio


  • Construction extension begins for a cleanroom and production space for Axetris AG in Kaegiswil


  • Axetris launches its new website

Facts and figures

Here is an overview of the most important facts and figures of our company.

Legal form
  • a stock company since 1998


  • a company of the Leister Group


  • around 200 in Switzerland, of which 20% are in research and development

Export share

  • 99 %


  • Kägiswil, Schweiz


  • 4 national companies on 3 continents

Product portfolio

  • Micro-optics, wafer fabrication services, laser gas detection, infrared sources, mass flow devices.

Production and logistics

Success-critical core processes such as wafer processing, sensor assembly and calibration under clean room conditions are carried out exclusively at our Swiss manufacturing facilities.

For individual sub-processes, Axetris works closely with qualified suppliers to ensure global delivery readiness across all economic cycles.

Uniform and proven Axetris manufacturing requirements apply throughout the value chain to ensure the high quality of our products.