Marco Müller


It's cool and incredibly fun when you see things change because of you. Marco Müller

In an interview with Karin Krummenacher, Academy Manager, he reveals why he chose Axetris, what his motivation is and where he sees himself in an exciting, future-oriented company like Axetris.

When and how did you come across Axetris?
I came across an exciting advertisement in the summer of 2020. It was about a completely newly created role, with the goal of building up contemporary B2B marketing at Axetris. The interview with the Managing Director was eye-to-eye right from the start and we were somehow on the same wavelength.

How would you describe your role at Axetris?
In the operational business, my team and I are responsible for organizing the numerous trade fairs and we support the business lines in various campaigns. We also take care of the further development of our website and the maintenance of the social media channels. In collaboration with HR, we are building sustainable employer branding and establishing the Axetris brand in the increasingly digital business world.

What are your biggest motivating factors?
At Axetris we work in a very interdisciplinary way and I deal with many people and perspectives every day. That is incredibly exciting and gives me a new kick every day. I enjoy great trust and the company gives me room to try out new approaches. I feel that I can help determine the direction as part of the whole, and that gives me a good feeling of being able to do something meaningful.

What advice would you give to a new employee?
At Axetris there are a lot of competencies and we have experts for each specialty. This naturally results in many different opinions and I advise everyone to first put themselves in the other person's perspective before making a decision. Openness, trust and patience are valuable advisors here. 

What do you do when you're not working?
As a family man, I enjoy being outdoors with my wife and two daughters. We love outdoor activities and especially enjoy being close to water and the mountains. There is hardly anything we haven't tried yet. Besides that, there is also some time for the music club or occasional dives with friends.

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