Leak Tester


A number of industries such as suppliers of automotive parts (e.g. engine blocks, air bags, etc.), medical equipment (e.g. catheters) and food packaging rely on various verification tests to ensure that critical parts are leak proof.

Leak test stations based on Axetris mass flow solutions ensure a secure and fast recognition of defective parts. The high speed is achieved thanks to proprietary platinum-based MEMS technology, with its quick reaction time and low pressure drop. The robust design ensures that flow and pressure pulses don’t destroy the sensor or adversely influence its repeatability. Industrial leak testing benefits from high speed and excellent repeatability offered by Axetris' mass flow meters.

High-Precision Leak Testing with Axetris' Mass Flow Meters

Leak testing is a standard procedure to examine leak integrity for a variety of industrial goods, e.g. automotive parts, industrial valves and medical devices. Among a variety of leak testing techniques available on the market, such based on flow and pressure measurement are typically used to test for leaks upwards of 0.1 sccm (standard cubic centimeters per minute).


In general, there are two ways to measure flow. Either a mass flow meter can be used directly to measure the mass flow of gas (typically industrial air or helium) escaping due to a leak. Or the measurement can be conducted indirectly by measuring the drop of pressure (pressure decay testing) after having filled the tested item. Since leak testing is usually part of the standard quality assurance process in production, quick leak testing cycles are essential. A mass flow meter that possesses a quick reaction time delivers the required efficiency. Additionally, the system or unit being tested needs to reach gas equilibrium (stable conditions) before a reliable leak test can be undertaken. For a quick determination of the stable state, flow measurement in both directions is required.

Why thermal mass flow measurement?

The MEMS thermal mass flow measurement principle offers a variety of advantages specific to different applications. Due to the extremely low thermal mass of the basic mass flow measurement sensor in Axetris' products, an industry-leading response time of 4 ms can be achieved. In addition, a very high reproducibility eliminates the need for regular calibrations and delivers accurate leak test results over long periods. Axetris' mass flow meters offer an unmatched dynamic range (>1000:1), helping customers operate across a wide range of flow values and down to very low mass flow rates. A miniscule pressure drop across the mass flow sensor eliminates any added system inaccuracy.