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History of Axetris AG
1998  First Steps 
First activities of Leister in the area of Microsystems started with the acquisition of Swiss Start-up Lemantech SA.
Own MEMS Foundry
Leister Microsystems builds its own MEMS foundry to manufacture thermal mass flow sensors and micro-optical components.
First optical Products
First micro-optical products are shipped.
Sales & Service Center USA
Leister Microsystems starts sales activities in the USA (under Leister Technologies LLC)
First IRS Products
Electrically modulated infrared source for gas sensors.
8“ MEMS Foundry Extension
Extension of the internal MEMS Foundry to 200 mm wafer fabrication.
Acquisition of IR Microsystems SA 
Leister acquires Lausanne based Swiss sensor company IR Microsystems SA, an innovative supplier of diode laser based gas detection modules, to expand its activities in micro-systems technology.
Integration of IR Microsystems into Axetris 
All former activities of IR Microsystems, previously based in Lausanne/Switzerland, have been successfully integrated into the operations of its Axetris division.
Sales & Service Center Japan
Axetris expands its sales network and starts local sales activities in Japan (under Leister Technologies KK)
Clean room extension for gas sensor manufacturing 
Axetris moves the production of MFD and LGD OEM modules to a new assembly area, and extends its cleanroom manufacturing facility. More than 1,000 m2 of cleanroom manufacturing are fully operational.
Sales & Service Center China
Axetris starts sales activities in China (under Leister Technologies Ltd)
Axetris becomes a Company
"Axetris—A Division of Leister” becomes “Axetris AG—A Company of the Leister Group”. Axetris will sell and market only under the brand AXETRIS.
Golden Gas Award 
Axetris’s Laser Gas Analyzer OEM Module LGD F200 wins a gas award.
2016 Supplier of the Year Axetris is awarded „Supplier of the Year” Award from Lumentum, the highest honor for suppliers to Lumentum – the market-leading manufacturer of photonic components for telecom Networks.
2016 Renewal of the ISO Certification Axetris renews its ISO certification according to ISO 9001:2015.
See Certificate.
2016 Extension of MFD range Axetris launches an extension to its range of high-performance mass flow meters and controllers. The MFD Plus is launched in parallel at Analytica (Germany) and Sensor+Test (Germany) in May 2016.
2016 New Platform 2 of LGD products Axetris announces the new Platform 2 to its successful F200 line of laser gas detection products – the new platform is launched under the tagline “More Possibiliites” at Sensor+Test (Germany) and at CEM (Portugal) in May 2016.
2017 High investments in the infrastructure Axetris AG will double its production capacity. The investments in the infrastructure for the clean rooms and production equipment amount to around 10 million Swiss francs. Read more.
2018 Logo 20 Years Axetris
Axetris is celebrating 20 years of experience in micro-optics and gas sensing solutions. Read more.
Renewal of ISO Certification
Axetris renews its ISO certification according to ISO 9001:2015.
2019 Extension of MFD range
Axetris continues to expand its range of high performance mass flow meters and controllers with new product launches: PROFINET and EtherCAT interfaces and bidirectional flow measurement

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