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News :: 07/31/2007

Leister acquires Infrared Gas Sensor Company

Operation Room

Leister Corporate, Axetris

Leister Process Technologies announced the acquisition of the Swiss sensor company IR Microsystems SA, an innovative supplier of diode laser based gas detection modules, to expand its activities in micro-systems technology. This acquisition is an important milestone in Leister’s long term growth strategy with the focus in sensors, optics and laser technology which has been started with the creation of its business unit Axetris Microsystems and its Novolas laser welding systems activity.

"IR Microsystems diode laser based detection technology has great potential in the gas detection and gas monitoring market for a wide range of gases. We found their ammonia detector to show the best performance we have seen so far. It is an ideal extension to our activities in the NDIR (non dispersive infrared) gas detection market which we are currently serving with our black body IR source." says Thomas Hessler, Director of Leister’s Axetris Microsystems Division.

"The acquisition by Leister backs IR Microsystems SA by a highly performing industrial partner with a long standing. In the critical phase of product industrialization, this gives us an extremely important leverage and is equally beneficial to our customers." says IR Microsystems SA Co-Founder Bert Willing.

Privately owned Leister Process Technologies (www.leister.com) is the market leader for hot-air and diode laser based equipment for plastic welding and industrial process heat applications. With its business unit Axetris Microsystems (www.axetris.com), Leister is serving OEM customers with MEMS based sensors and micro-optical components in industrial, telecommunication, medical and automotive applications. Axetris Microsystems operates its own 6" and 8" MEMS foundry running processes for its products and external customers. Leister’s headquarters are located in Sarnen, Central Switzerland.

IR Microsystems SA (www.ir-microsystems.com) was founded in 2000 as a start-up of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL). IR Microsystems SA commercializes compact gas sensors for monitoring and safety applications which are based on the company’s ground-breaking development of highly integrated gas sensors using tuneable diode laser spectroscopy (TDLS) and resonant photo-acoustic detection principles.

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