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News :: 02/04/2010

LPT integrates IR Microsystems into Axetris Division

Operation Room

Leister Corporate, Axetris

Leister Process Technologies, based in Kägiswil, Switzerland announced today that all former activities of ®IR Microsystems, previously based in Lausanne/Switzerland, have been successfully integrated into the operations of its Axetris division.

IR Microsystems SA, an innovative supplier of compact, tunable diode-based laser gas detectors (LGD) for process & emission control, climate and safety applications was acquired by Leister Process Technologies in July 2007.

“IR Microsystems’ integration is an important milestone within the scope of Leister's long term diversification strategy in micro-technology based sensors, modules and laser systems, which started in 1998 with the “Axetris” microsystems and “Novolas” laser welding activities.” explains Mrs. Christiane Leister, CEO of Leister Process Technologies.

“Increasing market acceptance for Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometry (TDLS), combined with a general market trend toward low cost-of-ownership gas detection systems provides an excellent growth base for Axetris’ optical gas sensing activities.” emphasizes Dr. Thomas Hessler, Director of Axetris. “Furthermore, the completion of the integration allows to optimally using synergies in engineering, production and sales & marketing of our infrared light-source, micro-optics and laser gas detection product lines.”

Axetris’ “LGD” laser gas detectors are available as self-contained OEM modules for the continuous monitoring of gases such as NH3, CH4, CO2, O2, or H2O. Compared to current gas sensor technologies, Axetris’ laser gas detectors feature exceptional advantages including high-selectivity, calibration-free operation, low-cost-of-ownership and continuous sensor status monitoring.

Leister Process Technologies (www.leister.com) is the market leader for hot-air and diode laser based equipment for plastic welding and industrial process heat applications. With its business unit Axetris (www.leister.com/axetris), Leister is serving OEM customers with micro technology-based (MEMS) sensors and micro-optical components used in industrial, telecommunication, medical and automotive applications. Axetris operates its own MEMS foundry with 150 mm and 200 mm capability for its products and external customers. Leister’s headquarters are located in Kägiswil, in Central Switzerland.

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