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News :: 12/04/2017

Groundbreaking ceremony in Sarnen, Switzerland


Leister Corporate, Leister Technologies, Axetris

Leister Technologies AG is investing 25 million Swiss francs to expand its production facilities in Sarnen. Building work is scheduled to be completed by spring 2019. A number of well-known guests from the world of politics and economics joined employees at the groundbreaking ceremony on December 4.

In her speech, Christiane Leister emphasized the importance of the canton of Obwalden as a production location. She told guests that this was the second time Sarnen had hosted a groundbreaking ceremony, the first being back in 1997. She also went on to say: “Just 14 months have passed between Corporate Management taking the decision to expand these production facilities and obtaining our building permit. This is very quick turn around for an ambitious construction project of this size.” Ms. Leister then went on to thank everyone involved: “I'd like to say a special thank you to the public officials in the canton of Obwalden and the community of Sarnen.”


In his speech, the vice president of the Governing Council of Obwalden, Niklaus Bleiker, described the groundbreaking ceremony as a clear sign that the canton is both a business hub and an employment location. The area needs companies which, even in difficult economic times, are willing to take a anticyclical approach, believing in their organizations and investing money. “Or, to put it another way: we need entrepreneurs like Christiane Leister.” He then thanked Christiane Leister on behalf of the entire Council for her impressive commitment to the site in the canton of Obwalden, as well as for her engagement with and involvement in various other cultural and economic projects.


Most of the 500 employees of Leister Technologies AG were able to participate in this further milestone in Leister's company history.


By expanding the production site in Obwalden, Leister AG is determined to ensure its long-term capability to deliver products in response to a worldwide increase in demand. Internal processes and workflows are also being optimized in order to reduce production costs.


Building work is due to start in December. You can track progress right now via the webcam: www.leister-group.com.



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