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News :: 05/01/2015

Axetris receives Excellence in Quality Award from JDSU

Axetris receives JDSU Award

Leister Corporate, Axetris, Micro-Optics and Services, Telecom

Axetris AG, a provider of micro-optical subcomponents was presented with JDSU’s “Excellence in Quality” award at a ceremony held at the JDSU Optical Communications Supplier event San Jose, California.


Kägiswil, Switzerland/San Jose, CA – April 10st, 2015
Axetris was honored for continuous and outstanding performance in delivering high quality micro-lens arrays to leading Telecom supplier JDSU over the past years. “Axetris has provided outstanding quality performance in delivering fiber coupling micro lens arrays and supported us to achieve operational excellence in our key products over the years” said Craig Cocchi, Vice President Operations at JDSU Optical Communications. “We are very pleased to recognize their performance with this award.”

“We are extremely honored to receive this award by class leading JDSU as it reflects Axetris’ commitment to long term partnership, high product quality and customer satisfaction” noted Axetris General Manager Thomas Hessler. “This award, in addition to JDSU’s nomination of Axetris for the Supplier of the Year Award, acknowledges a commitment to world class manufacturing, competent New Product Introduction support and on-time delivery that has served both companies for more than 10 years.”

About Axetris

Switzerland based Axetris is a leading provider of micro technology based (MEMS) gas sensor and micro-optical components used in industrial, telecom, environmental, medical and automotive applications. Customers benefit from excellent product value, consistent high product quality and outstanding customer support. OEM partners rely on Axetris worldwide as a competent partner for customer specific solutions. Axetris is ISO 9001:2008 certified and ISO TS 16949 compliant and operates its own 6” to 8” wafer MEMS foundry. For more information visit: www.axetris.com

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