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Business Lines

Micro-Optics (MOE)
serves customers from refractive micro-optic lenses and lens arrays to diffractive optical elements in silicon and fused silica - covering the entire wavelength range from UV to mid IR. Axetris serves customers from various industries such as telecommunications, optical sensing, metrology, laser systems, medical applications etc. Axetris standard micro-optics products include fast and slow axis collimators for high power laser diode bars, fiber micro-lens arrays and aspheric micro-lenses and arrays for edge emitting laser diodes and VCSEL.

Infrared Sources (IRS)
offers micro-machined, electrically modulated thermal infrared emitters featuring true blackbody radiation characteristics, low power consumption, high emissivity and a long lifetime. The design is based on a resistive heating element integrated onto a thin dielectric membrane which is suspended on a micro-machined silicon structure. Infrared sources from Axetris are used in a number of gas detection applications in medical, industrial, environmental and automotive industries.

Mass Flow Devices (MFD)

offer Mass Flow Meters (MFM), Controllers (MFC) and Manifolds for gases of outstanding value to OEMs. The proprietary platinum-based MEMS chip technology guarantees excellent accuracy and repeatability in combination with high speed and an extended dynamic range. Specific optimized calibrations are available for a wide variety of applications, such as for leak testing, gas chromatography carrier gas control and more. The application-oriented sales team stands by the customers’ side to configure the ideal product together with them.


Laser Gas Detection (LGD)
supports OEM customers with technological expertise, practical application knowledge and experience. The LGD modules are self-contained, ready-to-use devices for the measurement of gases such as NH3, HCl, CH4, CO2, (H2O). The modules are designed for integration by OEMs, active in the field of gas detection and monitoring in diverse industries. The high sensitivity and the large dynamic range of the TDLS detection technology enables measurement from sub-ppm level to high percentrage concentration without physical adaptation of the device.

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