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Infrared Sources for Automotive Applications

Alcohol Detection and Interlock


Many countries have already introduced strict laws regarding drunk driving where breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) must be measured for enforcement. More and more automotive suppliers and OEMs are preparing for the onset of even stricter regulations and enforcement. Cars of the future are planned to integrate safety features in the form of an “alcolock” – which would combine a reliable detection of alcohol (mostly ethanol) with a safety interlock

NDIR technology offers critical advantages compared to traditional alcohol detection technologies. NDIR offers a high selectivity for the measured substance (ethanol) and this, along with the possibility to measure supplementary components like moisture, eliminates the probability of false tests. At the same time, stable performance of NDIR alcohol sensors eliminates the need for regular re-calibration and expensive device certification procedures. 


Advantages of Axetris Infrared Sources :

- High emission at 4.26μm

- Small size

- Fast electrical modulation (Modulation frequency: >10Hz)

- High modulation depth

- Low power consumption

- Long lifetime

Axetris offers solutions by providing a portfolio of IR sources with several reflector with /or without integrated windows (BaF2, CaF2, GeART100).

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