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News :: 04/07/2017

Axetris IRS Lifetime Platform measures Optical Power of EMIRS 50– including Customer-Specific Applications

IRS Life-Time Platform

Leister Corporate, Axetris, Infrared Sources

How strong is the drift in resistance and optical power? Since early 2017, the new Axetris IRS lifetime platform answers these questions.

Axetris infrared sources are subjected to an intensive test suite. Only devices with a drift below certain limit will pass quality assurance. This is a prerequisite for a release to series production.

The requirements for the sources are high, therefore the hurdles to pass the qualification tests are exacting accordingly. A careful selection of test candidates and product families are essential. The types of sources most critical for the respective stress test are examined. They must also originate from different manufacturing batches.

Before a source is connected to the test platform, it must pass visual inspection under a high resolution microscope first.  The examination with the microscope provides information on whether the membrane is intact, the material properties are perfect and all assembly parameters are fulfilled.


On-Off-Cycle Operational

This stress test simulates the supplementary and typical use of the source at the customer, which provides for a regular switch-off of the sensor module. The non-pulsed source is heated to the maximum and then cooled in more than 1000 iterations. Each time, it is brought to its maximum operational temperature of 500°C and then turned off and allowed to cool for 5 minutes.

Life High Temperature Modulation

In this test, the source is operated for 1000 hours at 500°C and a pulse frequency of 10 Hz. This is the lowest frequency recommended by Axetris.

Life High Frequency Modulation

This test has the source operation at 500°C for 1000 hours at a frequency of 100 Hz. This is the maximum frequency recommended by Axetris.


During the entire testing procedure, electrical current, voltage, capacity and resistance are recorded.

After each stress test, the optical power is again measured and the drift analyzed. Stable drift or optical power within specifications are important indicators for a stable structure. The source then passes through another visual inspection. Only when all operational tests are passed is the device then released for series production.

But what life span can customers expect for their EMIRS 50 under actual operation conditions? If you need to know the exact behavior of your EMIRS at 42 Hz with a Duty Cycle von 20%, for example, Axetris can now help you get this data. The new platform allows you to test your EMIRS for your specific application. 

In addition, filters mounted to the detector allow for the measurement of specific spectral lines. This service is especially interesting for customers that need to know how much power is available for the measurement of specific gases. Through these results, we make it possible to determine the optimal scale for your systems.

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