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News :: 07/02/2015

Infrared Sources for NDIR sensors – including optical design support!

Axetris offers comprehensive support for optical simulations to its OEM customers, helping them in improving the optical performance of their NDIR gas sensor design (Here: The Axetris EMIRS 200 Infrared Source is simulated with a gas absorption tube)

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In its standard product portfolio of infrared sources, Axetris offers a range of reflectors optimized for absorption tube lengths from 5 mm up to 30 mm and longer. Standard products are also available with various spectral filters such as Sapphire, CaF2, BaF2, Germanium, etc. Though standard products available with Axetris often meet the needs of our customers, optical improvements can help our customers achieve their specific requirements of gas detection limits, sensor accuracy and precision.

Optical Simulation Support

The overall performance of the optical gas sensing setup depends on a lot of factors, such as:

  • Size and type of the detector
  • Curvature of reflecting surfaces
  • Quality of reflecting surfaces (Reflection and Scattering)
  • Optical losses from spectral filters and lenses

To help our customers achieve higher optical performance (which translates into higher sensor performance), Axetris regularly undertakes optical simulations using tools such as Zemax. As a result, the Axetris optical support team can suggest concrete improvements, e.g. customized reflectors, absorption tube layouts, etc.

Many Axetris Infrared Source customers have been able to increase the optical performance of their systems by factors of 2x or more, thanks to the Axetris Optical Support team!

Read more about our EMIRS range of Infrared Source Products and discuss your requirements with us.

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