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Liquid Analysis using Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR)

Attenuated Total Reflection (ATR) spectroscopy is a technique where a beam of infrared light is passed through a crystal which allows total internal reflection. The infrared beam penetrates the surface of a liquid or solid sample, and the eventual signal profile received at the detector can be used to characterize the sample.

The effectiveness of ATR spectroscopy has been further enhanced by use in conjunction with Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR). Today, ATR finds increasing acceptance as a measurement technology for various industrial applications, e.g. quality control of lubricants, cutting fluid, and other liquids such as gasoline, milk, chemical reagents, etc. A number of medical applications, such as glucose measurement in blood or urine, also rely on the ATR spectroscopic principle.

Axetris Infrared sources provide excellent emission characteristics in the mid-IR range for such applications, and the Axetris team also delivers competent support in achieving highly collimated beams by using suitable reflectors and optics.

Advantages of Axetris Infrared Sources :

  • High emission at 4.26μm
  • Small size
  • Fast electrical modulation (Modulation frequency: >10Hz)
  • High modulation depth 
  • Low power consumption 
  • Long lifetime 

Axetris offers solutions by providing a portfolio of IR sources with several reflector with /or without integrated windows (BaF2, CaF2, GeART100).


Chip on TO header

EMIRS200 on TO39



EMIRS200 on TO39 with customized Assembly (special Reflector, Flex-print, etc.)


TO39 with Cap

EMIRS200 on TO39 with Metal Cap

带有保护帽 的TO39封装

TO39 with Reflector1

EMIRS200 on TO39 with Reflector1 (Focal length 5-15mm) and 4 kinds of Windows


TO39 with Reflector2

EMIRS200 on TO39 with Reflector2 (Focal length 0-7mm)


TO39 with Reflector3

EMIRS200 on TO39 with Reflector3 (Focal length 10-30mm) and 2 kinds of Windows


TO39 with Reflector4

EMIRS200 on TO39 with Reflector4 (Focal length: 0 - 30 mm) and 4 kinds of Windows



Chip on TO header

EMIRS50 on TO46 Basic Version (Chip on Header only)



EMIRS50 on TO46 Customized


TO46 with Cap

EMIRS50 on TO46 with Cap


TO46 with Reflector5

EMIRS50 on TO46 with Reflector5 and optional Sapphire or BaF2 Window


TO46 with Reflector6

EMIRS50 on TO46 with Reflector6 - no window - back vented


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