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TO46 with Reflector6

Key features for all Axetris infrared sources 
  • True black body radiation (2 to 14 μm)
  • High emissivity
  • Fast electrical modulation (no chopper wheel required)
  • High modulation depth 
  • Energy efficient (excellent optical output)
  • Superior lifetime

Special EMIRS50 Features (compared to EMIRS200)
  • 3x smaller
  • 2x more efficient
  • 3x faster
  • Excellent signal-to-noise ratio (due to higher frequency)

Technical Data

Details with reflector6 no window - back vented + Add to Watchlist + Add to Comparison Print Specifications

Article No. *603.940*

Attribute Unit Value
Socket TO46
Buildup Reflector 6
Window no window available
Working Temperature °C 450°C for 175mW
Emissivity 0.95
Modulation depth % 80% at 50Hz, 50% at 100Hz
Cold Resistance Ω 29 (22-36) *
Hot Resistance Ω 44Ohm (34-56Ohm)* at 175mW
Voltage V 2.7V at 175mW
Current I 64mA at 175mW
* The resistance values stated are values when it was tested initially. Please take note that this given values are subject to change over IR source time of usage.

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