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Blood Gas Analysis

Blood gas analysis is an important medical diagnostic tool, where partial pressures of CO2 (pCO2) and O2 (pO2) are typically measured.

A number of non-invasive techniques for blood gas analysis have been recently developed. One such important non-invasive technique is transcutaneous (tc) blood gas analysis, where the partial pressures of these gases are measured across the surface of the skin. Transcutaneous blood gas analysis is fast becoming a popular technique, especially for use in neonatal monitoring, where invasive blood gas monitoring cannot be used.

Axetris IR sources are well-suited for use in tc blood gas monitors based on NDIR measurement with key advantages such as very small size, low thermal mass, high electrical input to optical output efficiency and stable emission characteristics. 

Advantages of Axetris Infrared Sources :

  • High emission at 4.26μm
  • Small size
  • Fast electrical modulation (Modulation frequency: >10Hz)
  • High modulation depth 
  • Low power consumption 
  • Long lifetime 

Axetris offers solutions by providing a portfolio of IR sources with several reflector with or without integrated windows (BaF2, CaF2, GeART100).

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