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Axetris Europe

Axetris Amerikas


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Axetris IR sources are micro-machined, electrically modulated thermal infrared emitters featuring true black body radiation characteristics, low power consumption, high emissivity and a long lifetime. The patented design is based on a resistive heating element integrated onto a thin dielectric membrane which is suspended on a micro-machined silicon structure. The sources are packaged in compact TO-39 cans and are available with protective cap or with reflector. They can be fitted either with Sapphire, CaF2 or BaF2 or Germanium windows. 
Axetris IR sources are ideally suited for compact IR gas detection modules like non-dispersive infrared spectroscopy (NDIR), photoacoustic infrared spectroscopy (PAS) and attenuated-total-reflectance FTIR spectroscopy (ATR).
Because of the broadband emission, Axetris IR sources can be used for all IR-active Target gases such as CO, CO2, VOC, NOx, NH3, SOx, SF6, hy-drocarbons, humidity, anesthetic agents, refrigerants, breath alcohols.


Chip on TO header

EMIRS200 on TO39



EMIRS200 on TO39 with customized Assembly (special Reflector, Flex-print, etc.)


TO39 with Cap

EMIRS200 on TO39 with Metal Cap

带有保护帽 的TO39封装

TO39 with Reflector1

EMIRS200 on TO39 with Reflector1 (Focal length 5-15mm) and 4 kinds of Windows


TO39 with Reflector2

EMIRS200 on TO39 with Reflector2 (Focal length 0-7mm)


TO39 with Reflector3

EMIRS200 on TO39 with Reflector3 (Focal length 10-30mm) and 2 kinds of Windows


TO39 with Reflector4

EMIRS200 on TO39 with Reflector4 (Focal length: 0 - 30 mm) and 4 kinds of Windows


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