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Laser Gas Detection in Industrial Applications

Marine SCR / De-NOx

Axetris LGD Process Control: Selective Catalytic Reduction SCR 选择性催化还原反应 (SCR) / De-NOx

The shipping sector is a considerable contributor to global emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx). Stricter regulations by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in the 2008 Amendments to MARPOL Annex VI, apply globally from 2016. All new ships sailing within an Emission Control Area (ECA) must reduce NOx emissions to meet the strict Tier III requirements.


SCR is becoming a widely-accepted technology to meet the Tier III requirements for NOx emission limits, and can be used with marine engines using various standard fuel types.


The Axetris LGD F200 offers a unique product which can be designed into marine SCR systems for continuous measurement of ammonia slip as a process conformity verification to protect the catalyst, while increasing the overall efficiency and ensuring safety of onboard personnel. Portable ammonia monitoring test equipment can be a powerful tool for spot checks and process optimization (engine mapping) for the equipment manufactures.



- Hot-gas measurement up to 220°C

- Compensated for high moisture

- High NH3 selectivity

- Low ppm-level detectivity

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