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Laser Gas Detection Environmental Solutions

Continuous Emissions Monitoring


Regulators worldwide dictate strict emissions limits for many atmospheric pollutants, including HCl (Hydrochloric Acid) and NH3 (Ammonia). These emission limits require the emitting industries to monitor and report the level of the gas present in stack emissions and to ensure that steps are taken to guarantee that emissions fall below the specified limits. This may require the emitting industry to either refine their process, use cleaner fuels, or to add abatement apparatus downstream of the industrial process to reduce the emitted HCl or NH3.


The Axetris LGD F200 integrated into an extractive set-up allows for simple zero and span gas testing in compliance with legal regulations, e.g. in continuous monitoring of HCl in waste incinerators, cement & lime kilns, in steel production, etc. Typical applications for NH3 monitoring are in stacks of power plants or chemical plants, as well as in fertilizer production prilling towers.

Axetris LGD advantages:

  • - 190° hot-gas measurement
  • - Compensated for high moisture
  • - Low ppm-level detectivity
  • - High stability

LGD F200

LGD F200P2-A CH4

Laser Gas Detection OEM module for extractive ambient gas measurements of CH4

LGD-F200P2-A CH4

LGD F200P2-H HCl

Laser Gas Detection OEM module for extractive hot-wet gas measurements of HCl

LGD F200 H NH3

LGD F200P2-H NH3

Laser Gas Detection OEM module for extractive hot-wet gas measurements of NH3

LGD F200 H NH3

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