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Laser Gas Detection in Industrial Applications

Surface treatment—nitrogen hardening 

LGD 表面处理(钢的氮化处理)

Surface hardening, treatment of steel by heat or mechanical means to increase the hardness of the outer surface while the core remains relatively soft. In Carburizing or Carbonitriding the donor is a nitrogen rich gas, usually ammonia (NH3), which is why it is sometimes known as ammonia nitriding. When ammonia comes into contact with the heated work piece it disassociates into nitrogen and hydrogen. The nitrogen then diffuses onto the surface of the material creating a nitride layer.


This process has existed for nearly a century, though only in the last few decades there has been a concentrated effort to investigate the thermodynamics and kinetics involved. Recent developments have led to a process that can be accurately controlled. The thickness and phase constitution of the resulting nitriding layers can be selected and the process optimized for the particular properties required. The Axetris LGD F200 Sensor OEM Module with its large linear measuring range from 0–5000 ppm represents a reliable measuring solution for this application achieving a good control of the layer properties and thickness.


Axetris LGD advantages:

- Linearity over a large measuring range

- High selectivity

- High stability

- Continuous sensor status monitoring

LGD F200

LGD F200P2-H NH3

Laser Gas Detection OEM module for extractive hot-wet gas measurements of NH3

LGD F200 H NH3

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