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Laser Gas Detection in Industrial Applications

Industrial SCR, De-NOx

LGD - 选择性催化还原法

In power generation, NOx can be reduced by up to 99 percent with SCR where NH3 (or aqueous urea) is injected into the exhaust gas stream to react with NOx on the surface of a catalyst to form nitrogen and water. During this process, ammonia slip can occur, which either needs monitoring during operation or for system design and testing.

SCR System integrators worldwide have designed and implemented ammonia measurement systems based on the LGD F200 in various industries, including:

  • Coal-fired power plants
  • Natural gas-fired power plants
  • Chemical plants



- Hot-gas measurement up to 220°C

- Compensated for high moisture

- High NH3 selectivity

- Low ppm-level detectivity

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