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LGD F200P2-H HCl

Axetris’ Laser Gas Detection modules LGD F200P2-H HCl are used by customers for continuous emission monitoring, where the detection of lowest concentrations are important. These sensors are also available as QAL1 compliant versions.


Benefits at a Glance:

- Improved Sensitivity
- Quicker warm-up time
- Service-friendly design

Technical Data

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Article No. *605.098*

Attribute Unit Value
Target Gas HCl (H2O)
Measurement Type (EN) extractive, hot 190°C / (DE) extraktiv, heiß 190°C
Maximum Measuring Range ppm 0 -100
Minimum Measuring Range ppm 0 - 50
Accuracy % +/-2
Accuracy Details (EN) Full scale reading depending on integration stability (temperature & pressure). / (DE) Skalenendwert abhängig von der Integrationsstabilität (Temperatur und Druck).
Precision Details (EN) The precision is defined as 2 times the standard deviation sigma of a 5 minute measurement at stable reference conditions. System performance is precision-limited (not accuracy-limited) when the system temperature is stable. / (DE) Die Präzision ist definiert als das Zweifache der Standardabweichung sigma einer 5-minütigen Messung unter stabilen Referenzbedingungen. Die Systemleistung ist in der Präzision begrenzt (nicht in der Genauigkeit), wenn die Systemtemperatur stabil ist.

Scope of delivery

LGD F200 OEM-module, manual, accessories

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