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News :: 01/22/2019

Axetris high-performance mass flow controllers now available with an EtherCAT interface

Axetris Mass Flow Controller MFC 2162 with EtherCAT

Mass Flow Devices, Axetris

Open. Efficient. Easy to Implement. That's EtherCAT – one of the most popular industrial Ethernet interfaces available today.

Now, our customers can enjoy the performance advantages of Axetris mass flow controllers combined with the advantages that EtherCAT offers. Axetris is happy to announce the product launch of the MFC 2172 with the EtherCAT interface.


The main advantages of EtherCAT that contribute to its popularity as an industrial Ethernet interface are:


  • Extremely fast (1000 distributed digital I/O in 30 μs)
  • Implementation costs between 20-40% cheaper* compared to other interfaces
  • High availability due to planned-in redundancy
  • Easy addressing, no MAC address handling required


Axetris mass flow controllers with an extremely fast settling time of less than 150 ms perfectly complement a fast Ethernet-based interface such as EtherCAT. This ensures fast process control, e.g. in thin film applications such as physical vapor deposition (PVD) or etching. The huge dynamic range of Axetris mass flow controllers (upto 5000:1) means that gas flows can be controlled down to very low values very precisely. The precise setup of EtherCAT with distributed clocks means that the high precision of Axetris MFCs can be optimally used to improve process quality and efficiency.


Contact the Axetris mass flow experts to discuss our new MFC 2172 with EtherCAT interface and your requirements for cutting-edge mass flow control.


Read more about EtherCAT and how MEMS-based thermal mass flow technology can deliver concrete advantages in your application.

* Estimations EtherCAT Technology Group (ETG)

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