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News :: 06/03/2020

Compact mass flow solutions for OEMs

Compact Axetris massflow devices.

Mass Flow Devices, Analytical Instruments, Industrial, Medical, Axetris

Are you designing compact products and looking for matching mass flow devices? Axetris specializes in small and lightweight mass flow meters, controllers and manifolds, which can make your product complete – be it for analytical instrumentation, thin film processes or medical devices.

Keeping the needs of OEMs in mind, Axetris develops some of the smallest mass flow products on the market. With an average weight of 160 grams, these mass flow meters are even ideal for portable devices. Axetris avoids unnecessary material by removing exterior housing and offering OEM versions of standard products. This allows customers to opt for an even smaller and lighter product, while achieving the original high performance. Axetris can deliver mass flow devices at any required level of integration, no matter the size.

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