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News :: 03/19/2015

Extended Gas Controller Range Improves the Performance of Analytical Instruments

Operation Room

Leister Corporate, Axetris, Mass Flow Devices

Read how to achieve a significant performance increase of your analytical instruments by upgrading to Axetris OEM mass flow controllers.

Match box sized MFC modules, a dynamic range of > 1000:1, vanishing temperature drift and a leading repeatability of better than 0.15% of reading makes Axetris mass flow controllers and meters the ideal choice for stationary and portable analytical instruments.

To reduce the effort in design for customers Axetris has continuously extended the modular product range over several years. The product range can now easily be adapted to a broad range of installation situations. In addition it supports the most common electrical interfaces as analogue 0…5 V, 4…20 mA, RS 232 TTL, RS 232 EIA, RS 485 half duplex and full duplex.

Thanks to the ultra compact size, it can be integrated seamlessly into existing instruments even if the available space is very constrained. The ultra compact MEMS based products are used, for example, in gas chromatography for carrier gas control and for thermal desorption. The high repeatability of the controlled gas flow assures an excellent retention time repeatability. Due to the high dynamic range, one and the same MFC can support all common GC carrier gases as He, H2 and N2 in one product. In elemental analysis, Axetris MFC’s help to make the measurement results independent from carrier gas fluctuations and in mass spectroscopy they keep the pressure in the collision cell stable, but are also quickly adjustable if required. Please contact Axetris for a free offer about the integration possibilities of MEMS based mass flow solutions into your system

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