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Mass Flow in Industry

Leak Tester

A number of industries such as automotive parts (e.g. engine blocks, air bags, etc.), medical equipment (e.g. catheters) and food packaging rely on various verification tests to ensure that such critical parts are leak proof.

Industrial leak testing benefits from high speed and excellent repeatability offered by the Axetris mass flow meters. Axetris leak tester customers call it “fast repeatability”.

Leak test stations based on Axetris mass flow solutions ensure a sure and fast recognition of defective parts. The high speed is achieved thanks to the proprietary platinum-based MEMS technology, with its quick reaction time and low pressure drop. The robust design ensures that flow and pressure pulses don’t destroy the sensor or adversely influence its repeatability.


The Axetris mass flow meter modules of the MFM 2000 and 2200 series are the perfect choice if you can install them in your instrument. For applications outside of a protective housing, we recommend the use of the MFC 2100 series.


Also important: Mass flow-based leak testing has clear advantages compared to pressure decay-based leak testing. In general it is faster because the required measuring time does not depend on the size of the volume to be tested.


Axetris mass flow solutions offer the following advantages for use in industrial leak testers:

- Fast repeatability

- Robust packaging

- Low pressure drop

- Ultra compact size


Read our application note on thin leak testing to learn more about Axetris solutions.

Mass Flow in Industry

Thin Film Coating

Thin film deposition processes, e.g. reactive PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition), require a repeatable gas flow of the reactive gas to ensure reproducible film properties. With its industry-leading repeatability of < ± 0.15% FS and very small long term drift the Axetris MFC 2100 series supports you in making your equipment stable and easy to use for your customer.


The small size of the MFC 2100 series allows you to mix gases either outside or inside of the process chamber. It allows you also to build very compact distribution manifolds to ensure a uniform gas distribution in the chamber, thereby achieving uniform layer properties.


Customers who want to build their own mass flow controllers to optimize their system design or to protect their intellectual property, can rely upon Axetris products such as the mass flow controller modules (MFC 2200 series) or the mass flow meter modules (MFM 2200 series).




Mass Flow in Industry


Carbon Dioxide (CO2) lasers are high power lasers, usually used for cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. High-performance gas flow control is a key requirement for achieving high cutting performance with CO2 lasers.


Gas flow control plays an important role for mixing key gases at a number of locations with a CO2 laser:

Beam Generation: The gas mixture used as the emitting medium usually consists of CO2, He and N2. Most laser manufacturers specify a minimum required purity for the beam generation gas mixture, which is typically > 99.99%. A highly-accurate gas mixing control is therefore necessary, either for production of pre-mixed gas cylinders, or for in-situ mixing within the laser unit.


Purging: A high purity gas, usually dry nitrogen, is used to purge the laser transmission tube, in order to avoid problems which may arise due to dust particles or humidity.


Assist Gas: Usually O2 or N2 is used as a cutting assist gas which helps to remove material from the cutting edge.


Axetris offers mass flow solutions, such as gas manifolds (mixers or splitters) for gas flow control in gas lasers. The main advantages of the Axetris mass flow technology are:

- High accuracy and repeatability

- Quick response time

- Compact solution, also available as gas manifolds

- High turn-down ratio of at least 1000:1

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