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Product Range

Mass Flow Manifolds

Axetris offers standard and custom manifolds consisting of multiple mass flow meters or controllers on a single mixer or splitter block. The Axetris mass flow manifolds are the ideal choice for OEM applications where plug-and-play, compact systems are required to save space, while achieving the highest mass flow performance.


Advantages of mass flow manifolds:

  • Compact systems to save space
  • Easy “Plug-and-Play” integration
  • Single electronic interface to reduce integration complexity (optional)
  • Complete solution to lower procurement costs

Mass Flow Manifolds

Custom Solutions

Custom mass flow manifold solutions, tailor-made for every individual customer's specific needs.

Axetris Mass Flow Manifolds Custom Solutions

Standard Platform

Available for use with up to 4 mass flow controllers/meters in mixer or splitter configurations.

Axetris Mass Flow Manifolds Standard Platform

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