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LDC Microlenses

Axetris' laser diode collimation microlenses are designed and optimized for efficient collimation of edge emitting laser diodes (LDs) and vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSELs). Applications include collimation of laser diodes and focusing onto photodiodes for optical fiber communications and optical sensing.
  • High coupling efficiency
  • High N.A.
  • Diffraction limited
  • Telcordia compliant

Technical Data

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Article No. **

Attribute Unit Value
Lens aperture diameter μm 50-800 (according to customer requirements)
Numerical aperture (N.A). μm up to 0.8 (other N.A. possible)
Lens surface profile spherical or aspherical
AR coating % < 0.3 , wavelength range λ = 1250 – 1620 nm, double-sided
Backside AR coating Yes, optional against glue
Mechanical dimensions according to customer requirement
Metallization optional (masking, alignment marks, soldering pads)
Material Silicon

Scope of delivery

Micro-tubes, undiced wafer, diced wafer, waffle packs

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