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FAC Microlenses

Axetris' fast axis collimators are acylindrical microlenses designed for collimating the «fast axis» of high-power laser diodes and laser diode bars. They can be used in combination with our slow axis collimators.
  • Diffraction limited collimation of the «fast axis»
  • Minimized beam divergence
  • Optimized acylindrical lens profile
  • Matched to slow axis collimators

Technical Data

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Article No. **

Attribute Unit Value
Focal length mm 0.6 - 0.9
Numerical aperture (N.A). μm > 0.8
Lens profile acylindrical
Surface profile deviation μm < 1 (peak-to-valley)
Collimation mrad < 2
Lens size mm According to customer requirment
Collimated beam height mm 0.66-0.99 (for 35° half angle source)
AR coating % < 0.3 , wavelength range λ = 770-1080 nm
Backside AR coating Yes, optional against glue
Mechanical dimensions according to customer requirement
Metallization optional (masking, alignment marks, soldering pads)
Material Silicon

Scope of delivery

Micro-tubes, undiced wafer, diced wafer, waffle packs

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