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SAC Microlenses

Axetris' slow axis collimators are arrays of cylindrical microlenses designed for collimating the «slow axis» of high-power laser diodes and bars. They can be used in combination with our fast axis collimators. 

  • Collimation of the «slow axis»
  • Compensation of beam astigmatism
  • Compatible with high power laser diodes and bars
  • Minimal scattering losses, low surface roughness
  • Matched to fast axis collimators

Technical Data

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Article No. *Customer specific*

Attribute Unit Value
Array pitch (emitter spacing) μm 500 (other pitches possible)
Number of lenses per array up to 21, accoring to customer requirement
Lens arrays substrate size mm 12x1.5x0.6 (other dimensions possible)
Lens surface profile acylindrical
Effective focal length mm 1.8 - 2.2, other focal lengths available upon request
AR coating % <0.3, wavelength range λ = 770 –1080 nm
Backside AR coating Yes, optional against glue
Metallization optional (masking, alignment marks, soldering pads)
Material Fused Silica

Scope of delivery

Micro-tubes, undiced wafer, diced wafer, waffle packs

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