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Refractive and Diffractive Optics

Micro-Optics Lens Arrays
Lens Arrays

Refractive Optics


  • Micro-lenses
  • Micro-lens arrays


  • Spherical / Aspherical
  • Apertures 10 µm - 1.5 mm



Diffractive Optics


  • Diffraction Gratings
  • Diffractive Optical Element (DOE)


  • Transmissive & Reflective
  • Binary … 16 level
  • Periods 3 µm … greater than 1 mm


Refractive Optical Elements

MLA Microlenses

Fiber Coupling Arrays are used for high-efficient coupling/-collimating of light into/out of an array of Waveguides or Singlemode Fibers.

Fast Axis Collimators 1500

MLS Microlenses

Our Laser Diode Collimation lenses collimate the light of high NA lasers for further coupling into Waveguides or SM Fibers

Laser Diode Collimation 500

SAC Microlenses

Slow Axis Collimation lens arrays are used in diode arrays for solid state laser pumping and effectively collimate the so called “slow” axis of the laser diode beam

Slow Axis Collimator Microlenses 500

Shack-Hartmann Lens Arrays

Shack Hartmann lens arrays are integral part of wavefront sensors are optimized for high F-numbers

Shack-Hartmann Lens Arrays

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