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LGD F200P2-H NH3

Axetris’ laser gas detection modules are stand-alone, ready-to-use OEM subsystems for selective detection and monitoring of gases. The sensor is based on a technology called “TDLS” – or Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometry, which has proven its validity in high-end laboratory and process control applications. It uses a laser to scan the specific absorption lines of a target gas with an extremely high resolution, which enables a precise measurement of the gas concentration with a very high selectivity. Axetris’ proprietary approach to TDLS leverages this technology to low-cost, high-volume gas detection & monitoring applications: The use of low-cost telecom-type laser diodes as light source, combined with Axetris’ intellectual property of reference channel-free devices, reduces the gas sensor to a set of generic components and enables significant cost synergies across applications.

The LGD gas sensor technology brings a competitive solution to most of the drawbacks of current sensors:

  • Extremely high selectivity to the target gas
  • Functional safety, continuous status reporting
  • Long lifetime (10+ years)
  • Fast response times
  • Low power consumption possible
  • Very low cost-of-ownership (no regular replacement and/or calibration)
  • Low cost of the gas sensor through excellent scaling costs of the com-ponents


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商品番号 *603.165*

属性 単位 価値
Target Gas NH3 & H2O
Measurment Type extractive, hot 190°C
Maximum Measuring Range (NH3) ppm 0 - 50
Minimum Measuring Range (NH3) ppm 0 - 15
Maximum Measuring Range ppm 0 - 40
Maximum Measuring Range ppm 0 - 30
Measuring Range Details Calibration to full scale (FS) range, standard is 15 ppm, for safety reasons max. calibration to 100 ppm (linearity up to 500 ppm, no warranty of precision)
Precision 2σ (NH3) ppm 0.2
Precision 2σ (H2O) ppm 1000
Accuracy % +/-2
Accuracy Details Full scale reading depending on integration stability (temperature & pressure)
Precision Details The precision is defined as 2 times the standard deviation sigma of a 5 minute measurement at stable reference conditions. System performance is precision-limited (not accuracy-limited) when the system temperature is stable.
Details LGD F200P2-H NH3 + Add to Watchlist + Add to Comparison Print Specifications
Details LGD F200P2-H NH3 + Add to Watchlist + Add to Comparison Print Specifications



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