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MFC 2100 Series with integrated shut-off valve

The trusted Axetris MFC 2100 Series is also available with an integrated downstream shut-off valve. A perfect combination of the Axetris proprietary Platinum MEMS technology with guaranteed leak tightness for high vacuum applications. It offers the following advantages:


- Ultra compact size

- Fast settling time < 150 ms

- Excellent repeatability and accuracy

- Rigid stable design 

- High turn down ratio >1000:1

- High long term stability

- Integrated shut-off valve to guarantee leak tightness


It is recommended for system integration in Industrial, Analytical and Medical applications.


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商品番号 **

属性 単位 価値
流量の範囲 (N2 相当) sccm 0 – 20,000
対象の気体 N2, Air, O2, CO2, Ar, He, H2
流量の正確性 Please consult product datasheet
設定時間 ms < 150
電圧源 V 24
Analog input V 0...5
Analog output V 0...5
デジタル入力/出力 RS-232 EIA / RS-485 / PROFINET / EtherCAT (Depending on MFC model)

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