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Axetris Sets Global Standards in Gas Sensing and Micro-Optics.


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Axetris Product Range

Axetris Product Range

Axetris Product Range

Laser Gas Detection

Axetris manufactures laser gas detection modules for its global OEM customer base in the form of stand-alone, ready-to-use subsystems for the selective detection of gases. The technology used allows precise optical measurements and features excellent selectivity and detectivity of target gases in the sub-ppm range.

Axetris infrared sources (IRS) score points for their true blackbody radiation, low power consumption, high emissivity and very long lifetime.

OEM Mass Flow Meters (MFM), Mass Flow Controllers (MFC) and Mass Flow Manifolds (MFX) with high accuracy and repeatability provide outstanding customer value in a variety of demanding application settings. They complete Axetris' product range that is in global demand.


Micro-Optics and Services

Axetris supplies its global customer base with refractive micro-optical lenses, lens arrays and diffractive optical elements in silicon and fused silica. These cover the entire wavelength range.

Classic products in the micro-optics segment include collimators for high-power diode lasers, microlenses for fiber optic coupling, and arrays for edge-emitting laser diodes or VCSELs. In telecommunications, Axetris' aspherical and spherical microlenses and lens arrays are used primarily for high-speed components that require very high coupling efficiency.

Axetris customers benefit from excellent product value, high product quality and professional support.