Innovation and technology


Axetris sets the standard in gas sensor technology and micro-optics.

We see miniaturisation as an important step towards high efficiency and low energy consumption. Through our technological expertise, we are contributing i.e. to tackling climate change. We take a closer look at what often remains hidden in everyday life. For this, we are equipped with modern infrastructure and talent in the field.


Decades of experience of our highly qualified employees make us a skilled partner of global renown. With great passion and in close coordination with our customers, we develop new products and continuously optimize our processes. In this way, our global customers benefit from quality, reliability, innovation and cost-effectiveness to secure their market position and competitiveness.

Laser spectroscopy

Laser spectroscopy is a recognized technique used to study atomic or molecular spectra. Originally reserved for laboratories due to its technical complexity, Axetris has adapted the technology and turned it into a compact, commercially versatile product form.


The multipass absorption cell design enables significantly improved measurement performance in terms of detectivity and precision. Axetris LGD Compact sensors are therefore well suited for leak detection in portable equipment, continuous and stationary gas monitoring, and medical applications where space is limited. In other words, whenever accuracy, reliability and a compact design are important.

The newly developed LGD-Compact product family is an ultra-compact and lightweight sensor solution based on tunable diode laser spectroscopy (TDLS). This technology offers unique advantages such as precise optical, non-contact measurements, excellent target gas selectivity and detection limits in the sub-ppm range.

Anti-reflective coating

Anti-reflective coatings (AR coatings for short) are used to suppress the reflection of optical surfaces of lenses, objectives or prisms and to increase transmission. AR coatings are produced using thin-film coating methods.

AXAG_MOE_DB-A1_Axetris_2 3059.jpg

It is crucial for our customers that the specifications are implemented precisely, homogeneously and scalably. Because irregularities in the coating can lead to losses in optical quality and to inoperability. Axetris has both the specialists and the necessary equipment under one roof. To provide excellent service and quality to its global clientele, Axetris has a state-of-the-art AR facility.

Axetris differentiates itself through high process quality. That is why we continuously invest in the improvement of already successful work steps. Compromises are not part of the equation, because it is our goal to grow in the long term and to inspire our customers.


Progress through digital transformation

We proactively counter disruptive market changes. That is why continuous digital transformation is an important strategic program for all companies in the Leister Group.

By networking our activities, products and infrastructure, we enable our global customers to have the best possible positive experience.

The constant expansion of the Leister Group’s IoT services simplifies access to specialist and personal information, ensures efficient processes and thus creates a new standard.

Patents and designs

The engineers and scientists of the Leister Group are continuously developing the product and technology portfolios of Leister and Axetris. To do this, they work closely with product managers and product designers. The focus is always on the needs of worldwide customers from different industry sectors.

140 inventions resulting in patents or utility models have emerged from decades of experience in research and development. Over 560 nationalized patents have already been granted.

Norms and standards

We develop and design our products in accordance with nationally and internationally applicable norms and standards. Product standards, such as ISO, IEC, EN and UL standards, are also taken into account, as well as application-related standards and guidelines.

In addition, our products are tested by accredited, independent third party bodies and bear corresponding safety marks.


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