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Micro-Optics and Wafer Processing Services

Technology and Know How

Axetris offers refractive microlenses and lens arrays, diffractive optical elements (DOEs), wafer processing and post-processing on customer wafers. Axtris has its own 150mm and 200mm wafer foundry and offers front-end as well as and back-end processing. Axetris engineering and manufacturing teams combine a wealth of experience in simulation, design, manufacturing and metrology. Axetris uses in-depth know-how for standard products and customized solutions to support clients in many industries.

Micro-Optics and Wafer Processing Services

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The Technology behind

The manufacturing process using lithography, reflow and etching achieves precise lens shape control and accurate lens positioning, as well as very low surface roughness. The wafer-level manufacturing enables low cost solutions at high volumes.

Wafer Processing Services
The Technology Behind

Axetris offers processing services on 150 and 200mm wafers. Processes include patterning of silicon or glass substrates by wet- and/or dry etching, including membranes or cavities, as well as metal or dielectric coating deposition and patterning. A wide range of metrology, characterisation and inspection can be provided, as well as dicing and die sorting.