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Measure the Invisible

Gas measurement technology from Axetris

Most gases are not visible to the human eye. And yet we are surrounded by them constantly and everywhere. Through the appropriate measurement technology, they can be determined, quantified and controlled. Be it for our safety or for the optimization of processes. Gas measurement technology always adds value. Learn more about the technology Axetris uses in its products here.

Gas Detection

Our Fields of Expertise
Laser Gas Detection
LGD Technology Explained

Laser gas detection (LGD), based on tunable diode laser spectroscopy (TDLS), can overcome many gas detection challenges in emission monitoring and process control. This technology offers unique advantages such as precise optical, non-contact measurements, excellent target gas selectivity and sub-ppm detectivity. Learn more about the operating principle here.

Infrared Sources
IRS Technology Explained

Axetris infrared sources are micromachined, electrically modulated IR emitters that use true blackbody radiation. The patented design is based on a resistive heating element on a thin dielectric membrane whose carrier is a micromachined silicon layer. Learn more about the technology and the possible applications in gas measurement technology here.

Mass Flow Devices
MFD Technology Explained

Axetris mass flow devices use platinum-based MEMS chip technology and are based on the anemometric principle of flow measurement. As a result, the gases to be measured are directly in contact with the chip and can thus be measured with an unsurpassed fast response time. The high dynamic range and accuracy of this technology further complement the advantages of the Axetris mass flow devices. Learn more about MEMS chip technology here.