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Laser Gas Detection Environmental Solutions

Continuous Emissions Monitoring

Regulators worldwide dictate strict emissions limits for many atmospheric pollutants, including HCl (Hydrochloric Acid) and NH3 (Ammonia). These emission limits require the emitting industries to monitor and report the level of the gas present in stack emissions and to ensure that steps are taken to guarantee that emissions fall below the specified limits. This may require the emitting industry to either refine their process, use cleaner fuels, or to add abatement apparatus downstream of the industrial process to reduce the emitted HCl or NH3.


The Axetris LGD F200 integrated into an extractive set-up allows for simple zero and span gas testing in compliance with legal regulations, e.g. in continuous monitoring of HCl in waste incinerators, cement & lime kilns, in steel production, etc. Typical applications for NH3 monitoring are in stacks of power plants or chemical plants, as well as in fertilizer production prilling towers.

Axetris LGD advantages:

  • - 190° hot-gas measurement
  • - Compensated for high moisture
  • - Low ppm-level detectivity
  • - High stability
LGD CH4 Leak Detection
Laser Gas Detection Environmental Solutions

CH4 Leak Detection

CH₄ leak detection from gas extraction over land or subsea transportation pipelines up to city-gas distribution leak search Methane and other hydrocarbon emissions from extraction sites, gas treatment plants, from leakages in pipelines and city-gas networks are not only a safety hazard but also present a serious challenge in reducing overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Fast reaction times due to minimized cell volume and rugged layout make the LGD Module an excellent instrument for CH₄-specific measurements. These characteristics are required for portable and vehicle mounted monitoring equipment used by utilities or their service providers in leak search applications, or for shale-gas & oil extraction site surveillance.


Axetris' LGD advantages:

- Reliable Measuring Performance

- Long-Term Stability

- High selectivity

- Response Time T90


Read our application note: Portable Methan Leak Detection LGD Compact

LGD 生物气监测
Laser Gas Detection Environmental Solutions

Biogas Detection

Biogas is characterized based on its chemical composition and the physical characteristics which result from it. It is primarily a mixture of methane (CH4) and inert carbonic gas (CO2). However, the name “biogas” refers to a large variety of gases resulting from specific treatment processes, starting from organic waste – of industrial, animal or domestic origin.
Different sources of production lead to different specific compositions. The presence of CO2, H2S, NH3 and water make biogas very corrosive, and the use of adapted materials for handling is essential. The composition of the gas issued from a biogas digester depends on the substrate, on its organic matter load, and the feeding rate of the digester.

The LGD F200 provides industry leading sensitivity combined with fast response and a highly selective measurement. The technology is most suitable for the continuous monitoring of the purity, prior the biogas gas feed into the gas network.

Axetris' LGD advantages:

- Linearity over a large measuring range

- High selectivity

- High stability

- Long-term stability

Laser Gas Detection Environmental Solutions

Fugitive Emissions

Fugitive emissions are emissions of gases or vapors from industrial equipment due to leaks and other unintended release of gases. Besides the economic cost of lost commodities, fugitive emissions are a major source of air pollution and contribute to climate change. Recent studies have estimated that fugitive equipment leaks have a global warming potential equivalent to the release of 17 million metric tons of carbon dioxide, which amounts to roughly 12 per cent of all greenhouse gases emitted by the industrial sector. Venting of natural gas, flaring, accidental releases and storage losses accounted for an additional 38 per cent.

Ammonia Detection in sewage water treatment plants

Sewage treatment is the process of removing contaminants from wastewater and sewage - domestic, commercial and institutional. During such processes, high ammonia (NH3) concentration can accrue, contaminating the ambient air. This can be nasty or even harmful for the working staff at the plant.

Axetris’ Laser Gas Detection Module LGD F200 presents an excellent solution for this measurement challenge because it provides a contactless measurement, and - unlike electrochemical detectors - does not degrade over time. The Axetris LGD F200 enables continuous, low ppm-range NH3 measurements and can be used for effective ventilation control and scrubbing installation management to reduce health threats and odor problems.


Axetris LGD advantages:

- High selectivity

- Linearity over a large measuring range

- High stability

- Low cost of ownership

LGD Compact

LGD Compact A NH3

Laser Gas Detection OEM module for extractive ambient gas measurements of NH3

The Axetris LGD Compact-A

LGD F200

LGD F200P2-A CH4

Laser Gas Detection OEM module for extractive ambient gas measurements of CH4

LGD-F200P2-A CH4

LGD F200P2-H HCl

Laser Gas Detection OEM module for extractive hot-wet gas measurements of HCl

LGD F200 H NH3

LGD F200P2-H NH3

Laser Gas Detection OEM module for extractive hot-wet gas measurements of NH3

LGD F200 H NH3

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